About Us
Daniel Stettler brings more than 15 years of international experience in architecture and development work to his role as Principal of Stettler Design. With a passionate commitment to the built environment, Daniel has taken lead responsibility in implementing realistic solutions at every scale.
Daniel grew up in a multicultural household in Seattle, WA. While attending school and university in the United States he regularly sought outside input with sojourns abroad. These extended trips taught him the value of community and the importance of direct hands-on experience and ultimately led him to join the Peace Corps in Benin, West Africa. Upon his return he attended the University of Oregon to pursue a master’s degree in Architecture.
Daniel is aware that each design is a unique and specific process. It reflects directly on specific contextual issues with a sense of place, history and identity. Daniel is accustomed to working collaboratively in a hands-on manner. Establishing close working relationships with all those involved in the design and construction process ensures that the clients’ desires are met, that the design intent is carried out, and that realistic solutions are arrived at in an efficient and productive manner.
Daniel thoroughly enjoys the creative process of design. He values his relationships with clients and community and appreciates the challenges each new project brings.