Stettler Design’s goal is to enrich the functional needs of the client with experiences of space, light and material. We forge close relationships with our clients, making us better able to respond to their needs in a practical and aesthetic way. Each design is an evolving process, from the initial ideas about the context to the finish materials and details. Together, these elements of the project work together to form a meaningful whole.
We approach each new project with the belief that a building and its site are fundamentally linked. The setting, views, sun orientation, landscape and other environmental factors help shape our designs.
Stettler Design is a ‘hands-on’ practice. We work closely with clients, contractors and subcontractors. We establish close working relationships with all those involved in the design and construction process. This ensures that the clients’ desires are met and that the design intent is carried out in an efficient and productive manner.
We bring a range of experience to our design practice, including large-scale buildings, residential design, landscape architecture and urban design. We focus on a limited number of jobs at a time, which allows us to pay close attention to each project.
We celebrate the creative process of design and construction. We value our relationships with clients and contractors and appreciate the challenges new projects bring.